In accordance with Arslan Metal's goals and objectives in all areas of activity, we attach great importance to the integrated management systems IATF16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and prioritize: 

  • Giving particular importance to customer satisfaction and accomplishing deliveries with high quality in time and economically
  • Managing probable risks, detecting and analysing the risks in earlier steps
  • Assuring continuous improvement  by grounding on legal regulations and standards,
  • Working by respecting to public and environment, creating a healthy and safe work ambiance, setting preventive approaches against probable occupational diseases and injuries and continuous improvement,
  • Preventing contamination, decreasing wastes, assuring the disposure of the wastes by trying primarily recycling 
  • Taking into consideration probable environmental effects and occupational safety risks during accomplishment of investments 
  • Improving continuously all our activities by designing them with a process and customer focused approach,
  • Providing continuous educational and social opportunities in line with the improvemnet and satisfaction of our employees,
  • Gathering round our suppliers with continuous cooperation and technical support, 
  • Insisting on ethical values by struggling with İllegality and interiorizing them as the culture of organization

As a Company Policy, all empoloyees of Arslan Kalıp Makine are responsible for implementing, improving  the basics of company policy  and providing the necessary sources.